Nov 16 2022


7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

Beyond Menopause

Join us at our next chapter Zoom meeting featuring Dr. Catherine Marienau and Dr. Carolyn Torkelson who will discuss their new book Beyond Menopause: New Pathways to Holistic Health. This online meeting will take place on Wed., Nov. 16, starting at 7 p.m. and ending at 8:15 p.m.

Beyond Menopause brings a fresh perspective to the mental, physical, and spiritual elements of holistic living. From the distinct vantage points of medicine and neuroscience, the authors guide women toward new pathways to optimal health and well-being.

Women of postmenopausal age want to remain healthy, vital, and engaged, yet they are often overlooked in the healthcare system. In this phase of life, women need to create their own integrative path to wellness. Beyond Menopause shows women how to prime their voice for self-advocacy and establish collaborative relationships with their health practitioners. Women are advised to create an adaptable network of practitioners to accommodate changing needs—their own “web of wellness.”

Carolyn Torkelson, MD, Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota, has worked at the Women’s Health Clinic for the past 20 years providing holistic, integrative women’s healthcare. As a complement to conventional medicine, she has engaged in intensive self-guided study of numerous alternative healing modalities. Dr. Torkelson co-chairs the Minnesota Holistic Medicine Group of 900+ practitioners. She retired from clinical practice in early 2020 to write and consult on women’s health issues.

Catherine Marienau, PhD, Professor Emerita, DePaul University has dedicated her career to mentoring women in their educational and life pursuits. Dr. Marienau teaches, writes, consults, and speaks on neuroscience and learning and on various aspects of women aging and ageism. She is co-founder and co-host of the weekly podcast, Women Over 70-Aging Reimagined.

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