Feb 07 2022


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Fake Clinics & the Threat to Repro Justice

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs or Fake Clinics) are storefronts that use false and misleading advertising and the offer of free pregnancy tests or other services to lure individuals into their offices. Then their goal is to dissuade visitors from exercising their right to choose an abortion.  These practices block entrants from making fully informed choices about their reproductive health and may endanger their health by delaying access to legitimate healthcare services.

You do not want to miss this free webinar from Repro Transparency Now and PSL Chicago. Join us for this virtual event on Monday, February 7. During this time, we will define and describe crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs, or “fake clinics”), how they operate, and why they pose a threat to reproductive justice. We will also talk about defending abortion access for all.

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