Nov 03 2022


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The Pretrial Fairness Act: Pushing Back on Lies and Misinformation

Don’t miss this timely discussion on the new Pretrial Fairness Act and how it offers real change in the wealth-based cash bond system.
Illinois’ money bond system prioritizes access to wealth over public safety. The result is that we jail people for being poor, not based on protecting people.
The Pretrial Fairness Act restores the presumption of innocence by simply ensuring everyone has the same rights while awaiting trial – regardless of how wealthy they are.
We will sort through the lies and share the facts over the fiction.
Featured speakers:
Sarah Staudt, Director of Policy, Chicago Appleseed Center for Fair Courts
Amanda Pyron, Executive Director, The Network Advocating Against Domestic Violence
What is the Pretrial Fairness Act?
This event is hosted by the Illinois National Organization for Women NOW, proud member of the Illinois Network for Pretrial Justice.…/
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