New Songs for the Cause


My name is Mistahi Corkill and I am a carpenter in Ottawa. I am also a musician and when the people recently went into mass actions to oppose the state organized racist violence and oppression I was so deeply moved and inspired I wrote a song that hopefully captures the essence of the struggle. I made a video for this song and I link it below. I hope you find it inspiring and useful and if so please feel free to share it. Even though a cop and lynch mob were recently convicted of murder it does not mean there is now justice all of a sudden. The criminalization of political, social and economic problems continue as well as the police brutality. I also link my newest music video below, Move On, released November 24th. I wish all the success in our common effort and work to build a new society and world that is fit for human beings! Salute!

Yours Truly,
Mistahi Corkill

Rome Is Burning

Move On

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