Important Webinar

I hope you are enjoying today’s weather!  A walk helped me clear my head of a little anger about SCOTUS.
This morning, our Promote the Vote Coalition heard from Cassie Cresswell of the Illinois Families for Public Schools.  They are not a group I was aware of before, but they have been working for years getting legislation passed to benefit students including the recent recess bill that requires students in K-5 to get 30 minutes of recess a day.
I have put IL NOW as a co-sponsor for this event and would like to know if you want your chapter added as well.
One of the issues we discussed is the right attempting to start banning books in school libraries.  Several years ago, Tracy gave me a form from the American Library Association that you can use should you learn of such attempted bans.  They also have great resources to help fight such bans.  Please feel free to share this in your circles.
Finally, if you have anyone who would be interested in joining the coalition, please let me know.  Without access to the ballot, none of this matters.
Many thanks for all you do.

Laura Welch, President Illinois NOW

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